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IDEXLYON project: progress report

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The work to organize the site within the IDEXLYON framework is ongoing. The key principles of the "target university", due in January 2020, will be presented to the member institutions of the IDEXLYON consortium and their board of administration by the end of 2017.

The IDEXLYON project, led by the Université de Lyon, calls for the creation of a “target university” in 2020, that means to bring together universities and grandes écoles under a new legal status, while maintaining a strong partnership with research centers.

Following group work by the heads of the IDEXLYON consortium, the guiding principles of the “target university” project were developed with regard to academic commitments, internal organization rules and governance principles. This involves organization of the site in 3 areas:

  • A “target university”;
  • The IDEXLYON consortium members;
  • Extended regional coordination.

For further information on the IDEXLYON project please visit our dedicated website