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Discover Lyon and Saint-Etienne!

Major university cities and a renowned research network centre

Lyon is the largest university city in France (after Paris) with 120,000 students, 13% of whom are foreign students. The research sector is very active: 10,000 researchers and teacher-researchers work in 550 public and private laboratories. The centres of excellence are: fine and molecular chemistry, clinical research, human biology, neuroscience, cognitive science, pharmacology, biological and medical engineering, medical imagery, engineering science, materials science, mathematics and scientific calculus.

Welcome to Lyon and Saint-Etienne!

Saint-Etienne has all the modern features of a urban landscape: a tramway zips up and down the main street and provides a direct link from the town centre to the main train station, and there are numerous pedestrianised areas and cycle paths. Saint-Etienne is a leader in various fields: Mechanics (first region in France), Subcontracting, Surface Treatment (first region in France), Tight Textiles (international centre). It is also a centre for Medical Technologies Centre, Water, Optics & Vision.

Cities full history and culture

The historical site of Lyon is home to an exceptional architectural and urban heritage. For this reason, UNESCO classed it as a World Heritage site in 1998. A series of major events punctuate the city’s cultural life: the biennial dance festival, the biennial contemporary art festival, the Nuits de Fourvière (popular and classical concerts, plus theatre, in the Roman amphitheatre), the Festival of Light...

A region that is open and dynamic

The Rhone-Alps Region is the second economic region in France and is one of the most important economic regions in Europe. In terms of size, the region can be compared to the largest German regions. It shares a border with Switzerland and Italy. The Rhone-Alps Region has a remarkable, and protected, natural heritage thanks to the diversity of its climatic influences and the natural sites it contains: the Massif Central to the west, the Rhone valley in the centre and the Alps to the east. Natural parks cover 10% of the region.

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Discover Saint-Etienne!