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Welcoming all talents to Universit de Lyon


We are all, by definition, citizens, and a person in a disabling situation is a citizen in their own right, like any other individual. Whatever their disability, each person should have access to the same educational opportunities for their own personal and professional fulfillment.

The universities and grandes écoles in Lyon and Saint Etienne have decided to adopt a comprehensive approach which aims to: Make higher education in Lyon and Saint Etienne accessible in order to encourage respect for differences and the fulfillment of potential in line with the principles of solidarity and sustainable development.

The disability mission: welcoming all talents to the Université de Lyon!

Improve the welcome we offer to all talents by using professionalism, skills and diversity to ensure access to the Université de Lyon to a large number of students and staff members with disabilities. 

Our missions

  • To advise establishments on the development of disability-related projects and act as an interface between higher education and the outside world i.e. professional environments, associations and all stakeholders working in the field of disability.
  • To create a resource centre for all higher education partners. In order to do this, the Université de Lyon Disability Mission is setting up a disability reference centre which will provide support for establishments in developing the accessibility of knowledge, higher education and research.
  • To promote the establishments and their disability schemes internally and externally, by informing the general public of the schemes in place to welcome students or members of staff with disabilities in the various establishments of the Université de Lyon.
  • To train and raise the awareness of higher education stakeholders working in the field of “disabling situations” through their participation in, and contribution to, training and information sessions aimed at higher education establishments. These activities are aimed at both students and members of staff.

Our objectives

  • To improve the welcome extended to students in disabling situations, provide more information to help them make informed choices regarding their studies, and accompany them towards success, citizenship and employment.
  • To meet the legal requirements concerning the employment of people with disabilities as quickly as possible.
  • To carry out a diagnostic of and implement general accessibility, in compliance with the French high quality of use standards, within the legal deadlines.

“The Guide to Higher Education and Research for People with Disabilities” is now available online (in French).



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