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Applying for a PhD program

How to apply?

Prior to your application, you must:

  • Hold a Master’s degree or equivalent demonstrating your ability to conduct research
  • Have identified a thesis supervisor and a thesis theme in one of the research laboratories of the Université de Lyon
  • Have obtained funding or have applied for a doctoral contract organized by the Doctoral School (during the second quarter of the calendar year)

You will find on the websites of the Doctoral Schools a list of themes and the laboratories that correspond with your research project.

At time of application, you are required to carry out two separate registrations, each year:

  • A “course registration” at a Doctoral School
  • An “administrative registration” at the institution of your thesis supervisor

Thesis charter of the Université de Lyon

At time of application, together with your thesis supervisor, research laboratory director and doctoral school director, you are required to sign the thesis charter. This charter guarantees the high scientific standards of the thesis and ensures its smooth and proper conduct by defining the rights and responsibilities of all parties.

International jointly supervised thesis

The Université de Lyon supports joint PhD degrees, which offer students the opportunity to obtain simultaneously a PhD degree from the Université de Lyon and an equivalent degree from an international university after a single thesis defense. Each year, the PhD student is enrolled simultaneously in the two institutions and conducts his/her research alternatively in the two research laboratories, under the responsibility of two thesis supervisors. Specific funding is available (joint degree scholarship, mobility scholarship).

For further information please contact the Doctoral Studies department of the Université de Lyon