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Doctoral schools

Accredited by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research, the Doctoral Schools (ED) supervise and train students during the three years of their doctoral studies. The Doctoral Schools recruit students who hold a Master's degree on the basis of their scientific excellence, motivation and academic merit. PhD students join a research team and are supervised by a thesis supervisor who has an habilitation (French post-doctoral certification for supervising research work). The 17 doctoral schools of the Université de Lyon cover all fields of research.


Doctoral School ED 205 – Interdisciplinary Health-Sciences (EDISS)

Disciplines, research areas: Integrated physiology and extreme conditions; Structural and functional biochemistry; Biomedical engineering; Nutritional metabolism and endocrine regulation; Healthcare systems analysis; Osteoarticular biology, biomechanics and biomaterials; Cardiovascular pathophysiology and pharmacology; Sports and performance; Skin physiology, bioavailability, pharmacology.

Website: http://www.ediss-lyon.fr/

Doctoral School ED340 – Molecular, Integrative and Cellular Biology (BMIC)

Disciplines, research areas: Molecular and cellular biology; Integrative biology (organs and organisms); Comparative and evolutionary biology; Systems biology.

Website: http://edbmic.universite-lyon.fr/

Doctoral School ED341 – Evolution, Ecosystems, Microbiology, Modeling (E2M2)

Disciplines, research areas: Paleoenvironment and evolution; Microorganisms, interactions, infections; Evolutionary biology, population biology, ecophysiology; Biomathematics, bioinformatics, evolutionary genomics; Community ecology, functioning of ecosystems, ecotoxicology. 

Website: http://e2m2.universite-lyon.fr/

Doctoral School ED476 – Neurosciences and Cognition (NSCo)

Disciplines, research areas: Neurosciences; Natural cognition; Cognitive psychology; neuroimaging; Neurophysiology; Functional neurobiology, neuropharmacology, clinical neurosciences.

Website: http://nsco.universite-lyon.fr/


Doctoral School ED34 – Lyon Materials

Disciplines, research areas: Development and characterization of materials; Determination of their physical, mechanical, chemical and biological properties; Modeling the relationships between composition, microstructure and properties; Nanoscience, nanomaterials and their applications in healthcare.

Website: http://ed34.universite-lyon.fr/

Doctoral School ED206 – Lyon Chemistry

Disciplines, research areas: Chemistry; Environment; Processes.

Website: http://www.edchimie-lyon.fr/html/index.php

Doctoral School ED512 – Computer Science and Mathematics (InfoMaths)

Disciplines, research areas: Computer science: Complex systems; Parallel computing; Computer arithmetic; Model-based enhanced reality; Images and videos; Computer-based interactions. Mathematics: Logic; Number theory; Algebra; Geometry; Analysis; Probability; Statistics; Mathematical physics; Modeling and scientific computing. 

Web site: http://edinfomaths.universite-lyon.fr/

Doctoral School ED52 – Physics and Astrophysics (PHAST)

Disciplines, research areas: Astrophysics; Subatomic physics; Optics and lasers; Materials for optics and optoelectronics; Nanoscience and nanomaterials; Nonlinear physics; Interfaces between physics and health, physics and biology, physics and chemistry. 

Website: http://phd-physics.universite-lyon.fr/

Doctoral School ED160 – Electronics, Electrical Engineering, Automation (EEA)

Disciplines, research areas: Electronics, electrical engineering, automation and signal processing in the following areas: Energy and systems; Information technologies and health; Micro and nanotechnologies.

Website: http://edeea.ec-lyon.fr/

Doctoral School ED162 – Mechanical Engineering, Energetics, Civil Engineering and Acoustics (MEGA)

Disciplines, research areas: Mechanical engineering; Energetics; Civil Engineering; Acoustics.

Website: http://edmega.universite-lyon.fr/

Doctoral School ED 488 – Science, Engineering, Health (SIS)

Disciplines and research areas: Materials and process engineering; Optics-vision; Sports, engineering, health. 

Website: http://edsis.universite-lyon.fr/


Doctoral School ED 483 – History, Geography, Urban Planning and Design, Archeology, Political Science, Sociology, Anthropology (ScSo)

Disciplines, research areas: History; Archeology; Art history; Sociology; Ethnology; Anthropology; Geography; Town planning, urbanism; Architecture; Political science; Demographics.

Website: http://recherche.univ-lyon2.fr/scso/

Doctoral School ED 484 – Literature, Languages, Linguistics, Art (3LA)

Disciplines, research areas: French language and literature; French-language literature; General and comparative literature; Ancient languages and literature; British and North American studies; Arab, Asian, Romance and Slavic studies; German and Scandinavian studies; Linguistics; Semiology; French as a foreign language; Plastic arts; Cinema and audiovisual studies; Theatre and performing art studies; Musicology; Aesthetics.

Website:  http://3la.univ-lyon2.fr/

Doctoral School ED485 – Education Sciences, Psychology, Information and Communication Sciences and Technology (EPIC)

Disciplines, research areas: Education sciences; Sociology, anthropology; History and philosophy of education; Clinical psychology and psychopathology; Social, health, individual and group psychology; Language and science teaching; Epistemology; History of science and technology; Information and communication sciences; History and sociology of sports; Politics of Science; Economics of innovation and conceptual sciences. 

Website: http://recherche.univ-lyon2.fr/epic/

Doctoral School ED 486 – Economics and Management Sciences (SEG)

Disciplines, research areas: Applied microeconomics; Labor and business economics, environmental and transportation economics, health economics, industrial economics, public economics, geographical economics, behavioral and experimental economics; Game theory; Econometrics; Macroeconomics and finance; History of economic analysis; Marketing, strategy and management; Corporate governance; Market finance; Financial analysis; Human resources; Risk analysis; Actuarial Sciences; Insurance theory. 

Website: http://edseg.univ-lyon3.fr/

Doctoral School ED 487 – Philosophy, History, Representation and Creation (Philo)

Disciplines, research areas: History of philosophy; Metaphysics; History of ideas; Aesthetics and symbolic systems; Epistemology of formal languages; Political philosophy; Medical ethics; Sustainable development.

Website: http://ecoledocphilo.universite-lyon.fr/

Doctoral School ED 492 – Law

Disciplines, research areas: Law; Private law; Public law; History of law; Political science.

Website: http://www.eddroit.universite-lyon.fr/