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Doctoral students' international mobility

IDEXLYON: support for doctoral students’ international mobility

IDEXLYON supports international mobility for doctoral students by continuing its financing program for doctoral students’ mobility. In 2018, IDEXLYON will support around sixty stays, for incoming as well as outgoing mobility.

Who can apply?

  • PhD students from the Université de Lyon, willing to leave abroad for a research stay. Priority goes to mobility towards one of the geographic targets of the IDEXLYON: partner institutions of the International Alliance;
  • PhD students registered in an institution abroad, willing to spend their research stay in one of the Université de Lyon laboratories. Priority goes to mobility from a partner institution of the International Alliance.

How to apply?

  • Outgoing mobility: PhD students send their applications (signed by the host supervisor) to their thesis supervisor.
  • Incoming mobility: PhD students identify researchers at the Université de Lyon willing to be their supervisor.

Doctoral Schools receive applications, select them, rank them et send them to the selection commission of the Université de Lyon.

Call for application and application forms can be downloaded on this page.

Application deadline

It depends on each Doctoral School (early October at the latest).

For further information please visit the websites of the Doctoral Schools of the Université de Lyon.

This mobility program is
supported by IDEXLYON

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