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French language courses

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As most courses are taught in French, you may need to improve your French language skills before applying for a study program.

Three centers for French Language and Culture offer intensive French language courses for all levels, and organize language exams (DELF and DALF). Courses are provided on a year-long or semester basis. Summer programs are also available.

For further information on the DELF and DALF diplomas, please visit CIEP website

French language courses in Lyon 

French language courses in Saint-Étienne

French language courses for PhD students

The institution you are registered at and attending may organize French language courses for international students.
For further information please contact your host institution's International Relations department.

Note: as French language classes are very popular, students are advised to register at the beginning of January if they plan to come in September. If they are enrolled full-time, they can also take French language classes in the attended institution.
For further information please contact your host institution’s International Relations department.