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Université de Lyon's e-newsletter: a publication specifically focused on its international profil in order to promote excellence and attractiveness on the Lyon-Saint Etienne site, France's largest research and higher education centrer outside of Paris. 


E-newsletter n°5

February 2013: Despite the oxygen breath given to the least endowed French universities, French Higher Education institutions, in order to develop its fundamental education and research missions, cannot do with expecting a more and more scarce manna from the government.
Therefore it is up to each and every one of us to promote a project-friendly culture, as well as promising, meaningful initiatives offering significant added value, by allowing for the development of partnerships between the socio-economic and academic worlds.


E-newsletter n°4

June 2012: Université de Lyon: the banner of international awards!
On April 24th 2012, three students from the Université de Lyon won the 2012 edition of the prestigious René Cassin human rights advocacy competition. At the European Court of Human Rights, the young Rhône-Alpins faced off for the final with the Sorbonne Law School of Paris.


E-newsletter n°3

June 2011: The Lyon/ Saint-Etienne university site, grouped under the Université de Lyon (UdL), is in the process of making its mark on the international stage in a truly spectacular manner. The UdL’s priority is to prove it has the substance to match its ambition, notably by having its excellence recognised at national level, as shown by its success in the Investissements d’Avenir (Funding for the Future) call for projects. Through this programme the French government aims to position its universities as leaders in a fully globalised world. 


E-newsletter n°2

March 2011: This second issue of the international e-newsletter highlights the major role played by Université de Lyon in promoting the city’s international development. The decision taken by all the universities and Grandes Ecoles located in Lyon and Saint Etienne to gather under one single banner and coordinate their education and research activities, strengthens not only the international visibility of Université de Lyon, but also of the concerned cities. In 2011, Université de Lyon is at a turning point in its development.


E-newsletter n°1

November 2010:  We are therefore proud to present an overview of the best of the Université de Lyon through this quarterly newsletter: the variety of its training and research opportunities, the quality of life and integration on its campuses and in the city and its multi-faceted cultural life and knowledge dissemination, the diversity of talent in its 19 institutions (researchers, PhD students, teaching staff, students and young entrepreneurs) and its capacity for innovation, all of which set it apart.