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Integration day: the Canadian students of the 2017 SIRI program discover Lyon and its culture

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On Saturday, June 10th, a day of discovery of Lyon was organized by the Universit de Lyon for the students of the University of Ottawa, staying in either Lyon or Saint-tienne for a few summer months, during which they are benefiting from an internship thanks to the Summer Undergrad International Research Internship (SIRI).

The SIRI program allows Canadian students to experience a first research internship in Lyon or Saint-Étienne, in partnership with the institutions and laboratories of the COMUE, which are welcoming them during the summer.

The thirteen students who have been selected this year were invited to participate to a scavenger hunt, then to a cooking workshop.

Congratulations to Rae, Janie and Misha for winning the scavenger hunt! After more than two hours of walking and exploring the Saint Jean area, passing through the traboules, they proved skilled enough to solve the enigmas. It was a perfect opportunity nevertheless for all the students to discover the history behind a famous area of Lyon, and in an original way.


After that somewhat physical activity, the students took part in a cooking class, taught in English, during which they made a meal composed of some of Lyon’s specialties. The day then ended around a convivial meal, which allowed time for conversation and a reinforcement of the students’ relationships.