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International Alliance

The International Alliance is an initiative for international cooperation created by the Avenir Lyon Saint-Étienne Program (PALSE) of the Université de Lyon, and now conducted through the IDEXLYON program. Comprising a dozen universities located in 5 key geographic zones, the International Alliance seeks to construct an integrated platform for higher education and research.


This unique cooperative partnership is founded upon strong and historic ties, scientific and economic dynamism and the skills and expertise shared by the members in carefully selected zones.
Alongside, new partnerships are constantly being developed through innovative cooperation projects with universities in the United States and within “La Francophonie”.
The main goals of the International Alliance of the Université de Lyon are constructing an international network of complementary universities, encouraging and assisting innovative projects, and creating links with the cultural, economic and political sectors.
This coordinated dynamic relies upon solid cooperation, as well as shared resources, and acts as the impetus for dynamic, attractive initiatives contributing to the creation of long-lasting relations.



University of São Paulo
University of Ottawa* - Université de Sherbrooke* - University of Montreal
East China Normal University* (ECNU) - Fudan University* - Jiao Tong University - Tongji University* - China Scholarship Council
Europe (Italy, Switzerland)
University of Turin (Italy) - Politecnico di Torino (Italy) - Politecnico Milano (Italy) - University of Milan-Bicocca (Italy) - Geneva (Switzerland) - Lausanne
University of Tokyo* - Tohoku University*

* Alliance MoU already signed

The International Alliance, a platform for stimulating exchanges

 Higher education
  • Coordinate course programs and double degrees: the PITES legal studies program, the bilingual French/Brazilian program with the University of São Paulo (bacharelado/ licenciatura)
  • Research placements: introduction to research programs (1st cycle) with the University of Ottawa and internships for Master's students with the University of Tokyo
  • Fellowships: 60 merit-based grants for international students integrating a Université de Lyon Master's degree program
  • Summer schools: ELyT School with Tohoku University
 The doctorate
  • Jointly-supervised PhD programs with the University of Ottawa and Tohoku University
  • Scholarships: 30 doctoral grants awarded each year by the China Scholarship Council; 40 PhD mobility grants awarded by the PALSE program
  • Collaborative work: doctoral seminars jointly organized by the Université de Lyon and the University of Turin in the field of economics
  • Scientific meetings: Lyon - São Paulo workshops "Algebra, Groups and Logic" (April 2013), First International Research Workshop – Lyon-São Paulo" (November 2013); International Research Workshop Lyon -São Paulo November 2014
  • Lyon-Shanghai "Green Building" workshop (2013) in collaboration with 4 Shanghai universities
  • Associated international laboratories: LIA CNRS Funcat Lyon-Ottawa (Fundamental Catalysis for Green Chemistry), LIA CNRS ELyT-Lab Lyon-Tohoku (Engineering Sciences)
  • Promote joint exhibitions between Lyon's Musée des Confluences and the Intermediatheque Library of the University of Tokyo
  • Organize prospective workshops for the museum institutions of the University of São Paulo
The economic world
  • Creation of think tanks with members of the corporate community
  • Exchanges with corporate organizations to promote the skills and expertise of young PhD holders
  • Partnership with the Fondation pour l'Université de Lyon, acting as an interface between academia and the socio-economic world
The political world
  • Partnerships between the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region and the Province of Québec, the municipality of Shanghai, the Piedmont and Lombardy regions
  • Partnerships between Lyon Métropole and the cities of Tokyo-Yokohama and São Paulo

The Université de Lyon strongly committed to its partners

Cooperation between the International Alliance and its partners has been further strengthened with the opening of two permanent Université de Lyon offices in Shanghai and São Paulo.

Their missions include: to promote and maintain strategic partnerships, facilitate collaborative projects, act as an interface between partners and the local authorities, as well as identify, develop and initiate new cooperative projects in education and research.

Contact in Brazil

University of São Paulo