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PIA 3 - Results of the EUR call for projects: two Graduate Schools for the Universit de Lyon

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The results of the first wave of the Graduate Schools (EUR: Ecoles universitaires de recherche)call for projects were made official on Tuesday, October 24. The Lyon Saint-Etienne site will be endowed with two Graduate Schools with approximately 15 million in funding. Their aim is to strengthen the impact and international appeal of the Universit de Lyon's research and training programs.

The first wave of the Graduate Schools (EUR) action of the third Investments for the Future program (PIA 3) was launched by the French National Research Agency (ANR: Agence nationale de la recherche) at the beginning of 2017.

This action aims to bring together Master’s and PhD training programs, as well as one or more high-level research laboratories, ensuring that the projects are highly international in nature and collaborate with economic players.

Nationwide, 29 university research institutes were selected (out of the 195 applications submitted) by an international panel. The selected projects will be funded for 10 years maximum with a total of €216 million.

For this first wave of the EUR action, the Université de Lyon worked in two phases, managed by its executive board. In the first phase, a call for letters of intent, 38 potential projects applied. The second phase shortlisted the 14 projects that were submitted in June 2017.

The selected projects

“H2O Lyon Water Science and Hydrosystems” Graduate School (EUR)

The H2O project aims to build a research institute in the field of Water Science and Hydrosystems that incorporates Humanities and Social Sciences, Physics, Engineering and Life Sciences in order to better understand all of the interrelated issues in these fields.
H2OLyon aims to develop innovative skills, approaches and tools that help to meet the challenges of holistic water management. This project is led by Christophe Douady, a professor at Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1.

MANUTECH-SLEIGHT  “Light-Surface Engineering, Health & Society” Graduate School (EUR)

The MANUTECH-SLEIGHT project aims to create a world-renowned Graduate School by bringing together several disciplinary fields: Surface Science, Optics and Informatics, with their applications in society, particularly in energy and health. The project features five Master’s degrees and two PhD degrees from Université Jean Monnet Saint-Etienne, Université de Lyon, INSA Lyon and the Institut d'Optique Graduate School, as well as the solid foundations of EquipEx MANUTECH-USD (Ultrafast Surface Design) and LabEx MANUTECH-SISE (Surface and Interface Science Engineering).
MANUTECH-SLEIGHT brings together Saint-Etienne and Lyon laboratories in the fields of optics, photonics, materials science, mechanical engineering, imaging, informatics and bioengineering (for example, orthopedics or ophthalmology) and industrial partners (as well as the FrenchTech #Manutech label). It will provide researchers with the resources they need in order to design based on user needs, to manufacture and characterize surfaces, and to assess costs in real-life cases. This project is led by F. Garrelie, a professor at Université Jean Monnet Saint-Etienne.