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Professional integration courses

All PhD students enrolled in any one of the seventeen doctoral schools of the Université de Lyon benefit from doctoral training suited to their project, while working on their thesis. This training is comprised of field-specific, scientific courses validated by or carried out within the doctoral schools, and a choice of professional-integration modules made available to all PhD students attending the Université de Lyon.

These modules are invaluable for the PhD students' future integration into the world of work. The training-course catalogue offers PhD students some fifty modules from which to choose - with the approval of both the director of their doctoral school and their thesis director - modules to favour their professional integration.

The proposed themes included in this catalogue are especially diverse: developing the entrepreneurial spirit, protection of intellectual property, preparing for one's job search, scientific communication, project management, teamwork, understanding private companies, knowledge management and business culture, etc.

Have a look at our catalogue here (in French) !


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