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Testimonial written in February 2008 by Professor Toshio HASE from Tokyo International University - Japan

Toshio HASEI returned to Kyoto on 3 September 2007 after an eight-month research mission at Universit Jean Moulin Lyon 3. I would have liked to stay for another year, but unfortunately it wasn't possible. However, I hope to be able to come back for this extra year in the near future. I am a professor of Environmental Studies at Tokyo International University, a university that gives us the opportunity of going to Europe to continue our research work. I chose Lyon and the Institut de Droit de l'Environnement (Institute of Law and the Environment). I met its Director, Mr. Untermaier, during our respective activities. The Institute's members are very welcoming and we had regular discussions. As I was born in Kyoto, I don't like huge cities like Paris or Tokyo. That's why I chose Lyon.

During my stay in Lyon, as well as my research work, I really enjoyed the surroundings and the cuisine. One day, when I was having a stroll through the Parc de la Tte d'Or, someone even said hello to me in Japanese! I went back there with my wife when she came to visit me. Lyons is a magnificent city, with the Rhne, the Sane and its architecture as a backdrop. I was also very impressed with its public transport, such as the tramway and metro.

In October 2007, I met someone from Lyon at Ritsumei University, where I also teach: Eric Faure.
At a meeting of ecologists in March 2008, at which I am scheduled to make a speech, I will be talking about the Lyon tramway. Lyon is still my dream city. It has a special place in my heart.

Professeur Toshio HASE

Toshio HASE