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ZEYCAN HELVACI - PhD student in Ankara University in Biology department (Turkey)

  • Université de Lyon (UdL) : Would you mind introducing yourself ?
My name is Zeycan Helvacı. I am from Turkey and 29 years old. I got married this summer. I decided to become a biologist when I was a child. And now I am a research assistant and PhD student in Ankara University in Biology department. My main field of interest is Zoology, especially small mammals (e.g. mice).

  • UdL : Why did you choose Lyon for your research?
Actually my purpose of coming to this city that I was following a researcher's papers from Université Lyon 1, then I wanted to apply her methodology to my specimens. I contacted her 2 years ago and I visited her laboratory for a week, then 2 years later I found a scholarship from my country to visit this lab for 10 months.

  • UdL : What is the principal advantage of Lyon for foreign researchers?
There are quite equipped laboratories for my research area. Actually I got some friends with other scientific areas, they obviously agree with me. And living in this city is nice for ex. If you have nothing to do, just go out and walk around the rivers and transportation is easy and view of the city is magnifique...

  • UdL : What has been the most important practical service or assistance you could get from the EURAXESS services mobility centre of Université de Lyon ?
Before coming to France, the EURAXESS services center (Mrs. Jocelyne Fayard) contact me and informed about what I will do when I arrive to France. This office is working very well. Accommodation, language and opening bank account etc. they give every kind of necessary information and facilities. I had very stressful a few weeks because of accommodation. Then again I contacted with Mrs. Fayard, and she looked for a solution, I contact with some people almost in the same position like me by helping Mrs.Fayard. Then after 3 or 4 weeks I was adapted to the city completely.