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Sciences and Society

The Sciences and Society department, a way of embedding Responsible Research and Innovation in our university

The Sciences and Society department (CCSTI Lyon-Rhône : Centre de culture scientifique, technique et industrielle) constitutes a bridge between research and civil society. Driven by its commitment to social responsibility, the department works hand in hand with all scientific and academic institutions within the Université de Lyon consortium.

By organizing widely accessible events, its goal is to connect the Université de Lyon with its territory and contribute to spread, share and create debate around knowledge and creation. As a social innovation lab, building upon the dialogue between scientists and various actors of civil society (young people, CSOs, private companies, solidarity economy sector…), the department explores new forms of mediation and training, and initiates participatory research in line with current societal challenges.

Our vice-president Nathalie Dompnier represents and upholds this Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) strategy.



Our missions

The Sciences and Society department’s three main activities are scientific mediation, cultural programming and promotion of participatory research. Its main focus is the direct impact of scientific activity on the lives of citizens, mainly on questions related to health, environment and new technologies. As such, the Sciences and Society department is considered to be a major reference on a national level, providing experience and expertise in science communication in particular.
Main focuses and achievements :
  • Scientific mediation: « Et si on en parlait » is a cycle of event to promote dialogue between researchers and civil society around a chosen societal issue; various training programs
  • Cultural programming: Organization of events such as: Researchers and Citizens’ Night, Science Fair, “Quais du Polar” festival around thriller novels, Art-Science laboratories
  • Participatory research: Science Shop, implementation of participatory approaches, ethical reflections



Sciences and Society department