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Lyon Science Transfert : our missions

From invention to market, Lyon Science Transfert leads the process !

Our missions:
  • Raising awareness of technology transfer among those involved in research
  • Detection of inventions originating from partner laboratories 
  • Maturation of inventions (proof of concept and prototype)   
  • Transfer to stakeholders in the socio-economic sector

Lyon Science Transfert manages the industrial property for some establishments, members of Université de Lyon.

Access to the organisation

Lyon Science Transfert is accessible all year round to Université de Lyon researchers and its partner institutions, to assess a project's patentability and to launch a maturation programme.
Inventions and innovative projects are entered into an evaluation and selection process via calls for proposals whenever significant resources are required to support the maturation process.
Subsidies are allocated to help purchase consumables, services and equipment and to provide technical staff and consultancy services.

Key figures

  • 230 research laboratories
  • more than 200 families of active patents
  • 11,500 researchers and teacher-researchers
  • among them 5,000 PhD students
  • 120,000 students

Download our leaflet

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